13 March 2012

Beneath the illusion in Colour

I dream in colour . I often fly and I also enjoy sometimes dreaming in a foreign language . . My dreams are like a spiritual window where I often receive some of my most creative inspiration .

. I believe the power of the human brain is unfathomable . . and so much of our potential is completely untapped . .

. This is the primary reason I must have silence in the morning when I awaken . . no noise . no conversation . no traffic . . there is nothing quite so wonderful as awakening gently to the sounds of sweet bird song and a light breeze or a gentle rain . . with time to contemplate my dreams in those moments between the dreaming state and the awakened state . . . it is like floating and drifting about in a semi-conscious virtual world . then . when I am fully awake and ready . . I may wish to record my thoughts in my journal before I arise and greet the day . . .

. When we are awake there is so much external stimulation of sight and sound and touch and emotion that it can be truly overwhelming . . it is like constant physical interruptions . There is also a continuous dialogue in our heads when we are conscious . . To turn off the dialogue is not easy at first but with practice we can master it . . We are all subject to our life conditioning . and we are always thinking yet much of our conscious thoughts are influenced from the external experiences of our past and our relationships with people and our daily life and routines which are happening all around us . One of the most liberating moments in our lives is when we learn we may overcome our childhood conditioning and the repetition of routine . all those things which are habitual and virtually automatic and instead try and make authentic and original conscious choices managing our minds in new refreshing creative ways .

. It is wonderful to exercise the option of simply allowing our thoughts to drift without direction . . and most importantly to listen to the silence . Many intelligent and creative resources may be available to us in the metaphysical realm of our dreams as we are transported deep within our subconscious and open to our connection to a higher level of spiritual divinity . . there is no external interruption . there are no distractions by the demands of others . and most importantly we are not driven by our Ego which is silent when we are sleeping . . It is a natural state . . Our dreams often unlock the brilliance of our creative power in the spiritual realm . .

Aloha mai e . wishing you a peaceful day . .

Sharon Mau
13 March 2012

. Here is an example of one my manifestations of a dream . .

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